ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual and Textbook

Commonly associated symptoms and causes of brain injury or stroke

• generating or expressing your thoughts
• getting started on projects you want to get done
• adapting to change
• monitoring how you are doing on a task
• being flexible in your thinking
• solving problems
• acting before thinking about it – being impulsive
• being organized in when you want to say something or get something done
• emotionally reacting without thinking about it
• acting in way or saying something that is not socially appropriate
• remembering conversations or instructions
• forgetting to get something done that you wanted to
• amnesia
• keeping your attention on something
• being distracted
• forgetting what is was that you were going to do next
• seeing everything that is around you
• misreading words
• solving puzzles
• understanding what you are seeing
• participating in social conversations
• interrupting people in conversation
• recognizing what other people are feeling
• difficulties understanding what others are saying or expressing yourself verbally

• concussion
• traumatic brain injury
• stroke
• brain bleed
• brain tumor
• shortage of oxygen to the brain – hypoxic brain injury or anoxic brain injury
• brain damage
• brain infection
• brain hemorrhage
• intracranial hemorrhage
• acquired brain injury
• subdural hematoma
• intracerebral hematoma
• epidural hematoma
• subarachnoid hematoma
• brain swelling or intracranial pressure

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Now Available – The ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual & Textbook SECOND EDITION

The ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual & Textbook Second Edition represents an exhaustive update and expansion of the previous volume, organized as a graduate-level textbook with extensive instructor resources. New content is based on the most recently published evidence-based review (Cicerone et al. 2019) and includes 12 new or updated treatment recommendations and five new chapters that address function neuroanatomy, single-case methodology for clinical practice, group and comprehensive holistic rehabilitation, implementing and individualizing interventions, and an overview of web-based and other resources. We have integrated updated content throughout the original six first-edition chapters; these include an introductory chapter on conceptualizing, planning and goal-setting for individualized cognitive rehabilitation interventions, and dedicated chapters on implementing evidence-based interventions for impairments in attention, memory, executive functioning, visuospatial functions and apraxia, and social communication.

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Learn how to effectively deliver evidence-based rehabilitation interventions in everyday clinical practice.


Educational opportunities that promote evidence-based interventions for cognitive rehabilitation are needed by clinicians in order to provide optimum care for individuals with brain injury. 

ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training provides such an opportunity by presenting evidence-based standards and guidelines for clinical practice and translating them into step-by-step procedures for use by clinicians.

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Included with LIVE TRAINING & available for purchase separately